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Welcome to Paradise Pottery & Art Studio

Together, let us embark on a transformative journey of self-expression, boundless creativity, and shared inspiration.

Our History

In a small paint-your-own pottery studio nestled in the vibrant landscapes of Hawaii, a budding artist named Alexis Hubbard found her creative sanctuary at just four years old. Encouraged by her mother, Joanne Nakano, who recognized her daughter's innate artistic flair, Alexis explored the world of painting on bisque with enthusiasm. Early exposure to art museums ignited her imagination, leaving an indelible mark on her young spirit.

Life took them away from the islands, but their love for art and their cherished studio never waned. Every return visit to Hawaii was incomplete without a pilgrimage to the familiar pottery haven. Grateful for their warm reception, they witnessed the studio owner's unwavering dedication, hastily glazing and firing their artwork to ensure its safe journey back to the mainland.